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It is time to start working on your deer and turkey spring food plots! We carry a variety of food plot seeds including clover and chicory, Rack Maker, Turnips, Forage Radish, Turkey Chufa, shot plots and More! Also Forage Soybeans coming Soon! Soil Test Kits, lime, fertilizer, weed killer and seed spreaders Also Apple Cracker Deer feed, Apple Cracker Deer Blocks, Lick Magic Mineral Hog When spring (or late winter) green- up occurs, clover is the forage of choice. Then, when the dry "dog days" of late July and August arrive, our deer's preference for chicory increases. However, even during this time deer still prefer clover to chicory.

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perennial clovers or chicory during the summer, and annual cool-season forages (wheat, oats, rape, crimson clover) produce more than peren-nial clovers, alfalfa, or chicory during Which one is the Best cHoice for your deer nutrition program? La D ino c L over Continued. APRIL 2008 21
Primary Usage Chicory thrives in dry, hot weather and also becomes very palatable at that point. When your clovers go dormant in the hot, dry weather, chicory keeps a nutritious food source available. Chicory can also be a great attractor for hunting season. Soil Type Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available. Does ... Reg $54.99 Save $10.00 HIGHLIGHTS Easy to plant in spring or fall Long Lasting Attracts rapidly Attracts deer and other wildlife Highly Nutritious Available in 9-lb. Bags This mix is adapted to a wide range of soil conditions and should persist for several years without replanting. The white clover is the dominant plant during the spring and early summer with the chicory becoming more ...

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Chicory, blue-flowered perennial plant of the family Asteraceae. Its leaves are eaten as a vegetable or in a salad. The roots can be boiled and eaten with butter and are sometimes used as a flavor additive to coffee. Learn more about the chicory plant and its uses.
A. Imperial Chicory Plus is a blend of WINA 100 Brand Chicory (the only chicory specifically engineered for whitetail deer) and Imperial Whitetail Clover. Imperial Chicory Plus is a perennial that can provide up to 3 to 5 years of highly attractive, high protein forage with a single planting. Clover: Clover is one of the most popular forage crops for deer. But clover is a bit ambiguous because there are so many varieties and they are so different in their various characteristics. Generally speaking clover doesn't need to be planted regularly if they are planted well.

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Mar 11, 2013 · One is Antler King's Trophy Clover Mix and the other is Evolved Harvest's ProVide Clover with Chicory. I planted the ProVide mix about 5 years ago and was fairly impressed for doing a pretty amateur planting job. To this day the area still has clover and chicory and I am yet to see chicory leaves are are not squared off from being browsed.
However, 5-20-20 is a better choice for Clover and Chicory Mix because the first number is lower, but may be hard to find in your area. Fertilizer and seed should be done consecutive. 7. Before broadcasting seed, make sure a light rain is in the near forecast. a. For Clover and Chicory Mix, broadcast 10 lbs. /acre. i. Time tested, deer approved. Buck’s Banquet is an excellent choice for quality whitetails. This mix attracts big bucks by providing them a mix of lush clovers, leafy rape, tasty turnips and choice chicory. Once the cooler temps arrive, this mix becomes sweet and succulent. Revitalize each year with Rut N Ready! Formulation:

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Huge Mass is a high protein mix consisting of a blend of Frosty Berseem clover and Fixation Balansa clover, the #1 & #2 ranked clovers for drawing in white-tail deer in MSU trial, and chicory. High protein levels exceeding 20%, perfect for growing antler development! Available in a 10 lb. bag
I would say if you want the clover and chicory to be the "magnet" and turn out better, (typically draws from bow opener through November) then yes, I would mow it. If you want the brassicas to attract, (typically from Gun season on into the winter) then no, I wouldn't mow. This mix consists of a high percentage of premium chicory and a tough, persistent white clover. We have tried various chicory seed in the past, and none compared to the chicory used in this product. In trials last year, this mix provided pictures of multiple mature bucks using the tiny plots during daylight.

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Chicory can be finicky and likes a lot of nitrogen and needs mowed a couple times a year. It will not pull and hold deer like other crops will such as clovers, cereal grains, or beans. By deer season they will have lost their want for it. As far as comparison with red clover it is weather dependent.
Apr 18, 2017 · The answer is, no. Clover, being a perennial plant, simply grows back after a mowing or being browsed heavily by deer. Now, that is not to say that heavy browsing during its young and tender early growth wouldn’t be harmful, but once established, a clover plot will do extremely well to resist against over browsing. 10% Norcen Trefoil, 15% Forage Turnip Blen, 10% Hairy Vetch, 20% Protein Plus Rapeseed, 10% Puna Chicory,, 10% White Dutch Clover, 15% Ladino Clover, 10% King Annual Ryegrass. Seeding Rate 8lb. per acre – Available in 10 lb. packages; Combination of perennials and annuals that deer love. High protein. Pricing $5.50 per pound 10 pound bag – $55

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Apr 18, 2012 · Ideally, deer can work clover and chicory all spring and summer. As cold weather approaches, clover and chicory slow their growth, providing less forage. The cold weather will help finalize the sugar cycle in brassicas, providing a dynamite fall attractant and winter food source.
However, 5-20-20 is a better choice for Clover and Chicory Mix because the first number is lower, but may be hard to find in your area. Fertilizer and seed should be done consecutive. 7. Before broadcasting seed, make sure a light rain is in the near forecast. a. For Clover and Chicory Mix, broadcast 10 lbs. /acre. i.